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How to Properly Care for Your Skin After Microneedling: Tips and Tricks

Microneedling is a popular, minimally invasive skin care treatment that can improve fine lines and wrinkles, increase collagen production, reduce scars and alleviate acne symptoms. The treatment is relatively quick with a downtime period of generally less than 48 hours.

In order to get the most out of your treatment and be sure that your treatment gets you the best results, there are a few post-treatment care measures you should take.

  • Use only hyaluronic acid or other topical treatments recommend by your provider in the first few hours after your treatment.

  • Keep your skin moisturized! Hyaluronic acid is great to keep your skin from drying out after your procedure and can actually help stimulate collagen production.

  • Collagen-stimulating peptides are great for after your treatment as well.

  • Avoid infection! Be sure to wash your hands prior to touching your face.

  • Be sure not to use any skincare products containing retinol A and vitamin C serum for at least 48 hours after treatment as they may increase inflammation and irritation in your skin.

  • After one week, you can start gradually adding in your stronger anti-aging products.

  • Avoid sun exposure for at least three days after microneedling. Be sure you are wearing sunscreen any time you are outdoors, even on a cloudy day.

  • Avoid wearing makeup for 48 hours after your treatment.

  • You can wash your face on the same day of your treatment, and take a shower the day after.

  • Remember to stay hydrated before and after your microneedling treatment to help your skin recover faster

Microneedling is an amazing skin treatment. A few days of staying hydrated, ensuring minimal sun exposure and avoiding makeup are worth it in order to have rejuvenated, refreshed skin.

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